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The above video is one where Walt Mossberg, who is a Personal Technology Columnist for the Wallstreet Journal whose opinions are highly regarded by everyone, talks about certain unknown aspects of Apple's music jukebox software iTunes. It is an extremely interesting video as there are definitely a lot of things that the general public wouldn't know about that he talks about in this 5 minute long video.

It was really easy for me to embed this video into the blog here, thanks to The News Room, which is a site that has a huge collection of news content in the form of countless number of videos on a variety of subjects such as business, politics, entertainment, sci-tech, etc. All the videos here are all extremely informative and will indeed be interesting for anyone who watches them. Best of all, all this content, including the ability to embed videos, is totally free. Embedding the video onto a site is easy enough as well as all one has to do is to copy the HTML code and paste it into the appropriate part of the site. Sure, Youtube has been around for a long time and also allows you to embed videos onto your own website for free, however it has a few drawbacks, especially when you compare it to The News Room. First, Youtube doesn't give you a choice of what type of player you would like to embed, one can only embed the default video player. However at The News Room, there are various styles of video players to choose from, such as a one column or two column one. This allows one to customise the video player in order to fit into the site's design. Second, and more importantly, many videos at Youtube are amateur videos which do not contain much substance, however you'll find none of those types of videos at The News Room as it only promotes news from credible, licensed content sources. Therefore the quality of videos that one will find at The News Room is obviously very high as compared to other sites where anyone is able to upload a video.

However, The News Room is not simply a site that has a collection of videos, rather one can also get paid when the content embedded onto the site is viewed, and the payment rates can be found here. Furthermore, one also stands a chance to win prizes such as electronic gadgets, vacations and even cars when you register and participate in The News Room. Such added incentives will definitely draw even more people to participating and checking out The News Room as it is a pretty easy way to earn some money and one also stands a chance to win big prizes. As compared to other video sharing websites, The News Room has all these incentives which are absent in more popular sites like Youtube or Dailymotion. Therefore, there really is no reason why one should not at least give The News Room a try.

To top it all off, The News Room has an extremely professional looking and clean site design, which makes browsing through its huge collection of videos a breeze. Also, as the name suggests, the latest news can also be found on this site, for example at the time of this writing the story on the front page was about the G-8 Summit which has been on the front page of many newspapers around the world recently as discussions continue. One will be able to keep track of the latest happenings around the world in the form of videos provided by The News Room instead of it being in the form of boring old articles again.

While the general concept of The News Room is nothing new, as it is merely another site that has a collection of videos, the quality of these videos, the ease of use of this site, the added incentives that it has and various other features and functions really make it better in many areas as compared to other similar sites.