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74 Tips for Selling on eBay

If you have not heard of Skip McGrath, he is one of the eBay's Gold Power Sellers. He is a registered eBay Trading Assistant, and has lectured at eBay's annual convention and training event, eBay Live. Skip McGrath is also the author of Titanium eBay and Three Weeks to eBay Profits.

For those of you who are in look for reliable and professional eBay selling tips, Skip McGrath has unveiled an in-depth “99 Tips for Buying and Selling on eBay”. 74 out of the 99 tips are the tips for eBay sellers whereas the other 25 tips are about buying on eBay. Basically, this valuable professional article tells you what to do and what not to do while selling on eBay.

Below is just some of the tips taken from the article:
1. The best types of products to sell on eBay
2. Increase sales by putting audio in your auctions
3. Automate your auctions
4. Building a High Feedback Rating Quickly
5. Create attractive backgrounds for your auctions
6. Package your eBay shipments professionally
7. How to keep your customers happy and generate lots of positive feedback
8. How to get something for free on eBay
9. What to sell and finding a niche market on eBay

In order to succeed in eBay selling, it is always a wise move to learn from experts, learn from their experience and mistakes. Although there's no such thing as a free lunch in this world, these 74 tips are available to you free of charge.

Click Here to get your FREE 74 Tips for eBay Sellers. You can copy and save it however you want, and make sure you read through, study and follow what it tells.


  1. Jamar said,

    I notice you have 74 tips for selling on eBay. If I may add one to your list. Video. Adding video in addition to photos in your eBay listings is an effective way to sell products quick!

    (a) Reduces risk to the buyer by providing a 360 degree look at the product being evaluated.
    (b) Offers you (the Power Seller) an opportunity to present addition features that cannot be easily demonstrated by textual means. These elements might be flexibility of the product, easy of use, texture, etc.
    (c) Easier than ever to add to eBay. You can use or to quickly add product videos in your listing.

    on 2:11 AM