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Spy Sweeper

Everyone hates spyware, and there’s no guarantee that our PC will be completely free of spywares. I used to experience the worst spyware attack ever. I didn’t manage to find out the name of the spyware and I still don’t know the name of it even until today. However, what happened was this spyware invaded my computer and I got pop-ups saying things like “adults” “casinos” “poker”, and when I closed them, it redirected me to some stupid search engine look-alike sites, the nuisance didn’t just stop there, the pop-ups just kept coming up every 2-3 minutes! Besides, the spyware also slowed down the whole computer while online.

After hours of consulting my buddies, I quickly installed a free-trial Spyware Doctor hoping that it would solve the problem. When I finally got the Spyware Doctor up and scanning the whole computer, I got annoyed once again, ‘cause it took ages for the software to scan and locate the spyware. Hours passed by but the scan meter showed only 45% scanned, not even half of it. What did I do next? Without second thoughts, I immediately uninstalled Spyware Doctor and reformat the whole computer. Reformat doesn’t seem to work sometimes. Although the pop-ups did not come up that frequent anymore, it still came up once in a while. I hated it.

Ever since then, I always make sure that I have a reliable anti-spyware software installed to get rid of spyware threats and infections. There’s an award-winning anti-spyware on the market, called Spy Sweeper. One key feature of Spy Sweeper is the real-time Smart Shields which continuously monitors and blocks sophisticated spyware threats before they even intrude your PC. You can also expect advanced detection and removal capabilities for stubborn spyware or malware. Furthermore, with Spy Sweeper, you won’t have to worry about the software being outdated over times, it provides automatic defense updates and keeps you protected from the latest spywares. Better still, you’re backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With Spy Sweeper installed on your PC, you are assured of the real-time protection against spywares. You should give it a try today.