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"The Secret" Science of Getting Rich

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Everyone is talking about The Secret and it has quickly become the hottest topic on the internet today. For those who haven’t heard of it, The Secret reveals how to improve your life by focusing on the positive and attracting great things, with the help of The Law of Attraction – or Intention Manifestation as some call it. It is said to have opened eyes of many people to greater possibilities for their lives, thus, The Secret is automatically propelled to the #1 Bestseller DVD and book on with over 2 millions of The Secret book sold. Besides that, it was also featured in Oprah Winfrey, Larry King Live, The Wallstreet Journal, NY Times, TIME and Newsweek. Isn’t that impressive achievement already a secret of success that you need to pay attention to?

In response to the overwhelming demand of The Secret teachings, the three big name teachers of The Secret - Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor and Michael Beckwith recently launched a how-to home seminar program that reveals in-depth “The Secret Science of Getting Rich” (SGR) for those who are really serious about learning the science of wealth building. This program is based on a book called “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles, written in 1910. SGR teachers are targeting $100 million within a year for those who take advantage of this program.

SGR also offers the most comprehensive affiliate program that allows you to earn $500 per sale. Go to the website Official Secret Seminar to find out how you can benefit from this program. With a tag of $1,995, it is definitely not a cheap program, yet value for money. If you still hesitated, why not go to the website to get your 7 lessons for FREE?


Writing auction listing title wisely

Auction listing title is one of the most important elements in driving potential buyers as it contains keywords buyers are searching for. I believe you are aware that eBay listing title only allows 55 characters, but most sellers do not use it wisely. The title is what potential buyers see when they perform a search or browse through the categories, not by description. Meaning that, your title should immediately attract potential buyers to your listing, and eventually place a bid on it. Thus, writing a keyword-rich title is essential if you wanna make money selling on eBay.

Imagine yourself as a buyer, when you come to eBay looking for specific items, you find these items by entering keywords into the search box, because you think it helps you find what you want by using the terms that you thought. Therefore, use words that will help your buyers find your listing first, it doesn’t have to be a sentence, because you will have enough space to effectively describe your item in the description box, why waste the title space? Moreover, buyers get annoyed at meaningless title like “@@BARGAIN!!!@@”, and do you think buyers will enter keywords like “@” or “bargain”? These characters do absolutely nothing to educate potential buyers about the item you’re trying to sell and entice them into bidding.

Think about the search terms your buyers would use when looking for your item and develop keywords relating to them. Although these keywords may not be the same as you would expect the buyers to use, take advantage of all 55 characters you’re allowed and make sure you’ve covered all the keywords. Also make sure your title is as descriptive and informative as possible, and it’s most advisable to include the brand name, model number and any other major detail of your item, in order to maximize exposure and increase the odds of potential buyers actually finding what you have to sell when they conduct a search.

One good example is “Dell Inspiron 640m Laptop Notebook 14.1” 667MHz”. If you know computers well, you’ll know immediately what it’s selling. It gives you the manufacturer (Dell), the model (Inspiron 640m), the screen size (14.1”) and the processor speed (667MHz). I believe you noticed that it also includes “notebook”, as buyers might use “notebook” instead of “laptop”.

Sometimes, we just can’t come up with any additional keywords to put it into the title, it happens. On these rare occasions, ask someone else to look at your item and say a few words that come to mind, you might be surprised to see what keywords they could think of. Last but not least, always remember to revise your title before listing it.


Wirefly Store, a Power Seller

Wirefly Store, a successful eBay Power Seller with over 2,260 positive feedbacks, is one of the leading online retailers of cellphones and wireless plans. Wirefly offers branded cellphones, big names like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and many more. Wirefly is also an authorised online agent for Verizon Wireless, Cingular Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint and Nextel. Besides cellphones and wireless plans, you can also purchase cellphone accessories, for eg headsets, bluetooth etc, from Wirefly.

Wirefly accept returns and most surprisingly, they guarantee lowest prices in the market. At Wirefly, your application for the wireless service will be processed automatically once your order is placed, and your cellphone will be delivered to your doorstep within 2 business days by free FedEx shipping througout the United States. One of the greatest services offered by Wirefly that really impressed me is that, they deliver on weekends too, and you are able to check your order status using the tracking number given by FedEx.

Wirefly is a member of Square Trade too. I believe you should be impressed with Wirefly by now. Therefore, if you're looking for a great deal, stop looking up and down from one seller to the other, buy from a Power Seller, buy from Wirefly.

Visit the Wirefly Store today to shop for the best cell phone deal with or without a wireless plan.


Free eBay fee calculator

In order to make a real profit on eBay, you will need to know the costs of your auction listings, especially the listing fees. Budgeting or simply calculating your eBay fees ain’t an easy task, because there are so many fees involved, namely “category fee”, “gallery fee”, “final value fee” etc, and sometimes you might forget the fees incurred. Therefore, to help you better calculate your potential eBay fees, I recommend you three FREE eBay fee calculators.

Sellathon’s eBay fee calculator
I like this one personally, simply because it’s easy to understand and more user friendly. You’re only required to key in the Starting Price, Reserve Price and Approximate Final Value, and tick the extra features that you’re planning to use and click “Calculate Fees”, there you go, you get the total eBay fees right away.

eB Calc’s eBay and Paypal fee calculator
Although I’m satisfied with Sellathon’s, sometimes I need to know the Paypal fee that’s going to be incurred too. eB Calc’s is simply a masterpiece. Not only you will get to know the eBay fees, you can calculate Paypal fees and it even shows you the net profit of a successful listing. Besides that, this fantastic calculator has been developed for International eBay sellers too.

eCal’s eBay fee calculator
I only use this one when I’m not able to access to eB Calc’s, you might need it for backup purposes. It can be used for International eBay fee calculation too.


2007 Online Auction Sites Report

TopTenReviews has recently released a '2007 Online Auction Sites Report'. The report gives a detailed review of and rating for top ten leading online auction sites.

Needless to say, eBay topped the review, followed by Overstock and Yahoo! Auctions. Other sites like Amazon, ePier and uBid are in the list too. The report compares and reviews seller fees, process flow, features and benefits, help and support etc, of each online auction site.

If you are considering an eBay alternative, I strongly suggest you to have a look at the wonderful report before making your move.