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Home Mortgage

Creditor, debtor, freehold, leasehold, legal charge, mortgage deed etc. Just so many terminologies one has to familiarise oneself with when it comes to dealing with mortgages, not only are the terminologies confusing, but the various aspects that one has to consider are really mind boggling. It's at times like these when the people at Bayfield Mortgage Professionals are really able to help you with mortgages.

Bayfield Mortgage Professionals specialises in residential mortgages and has been operating for 25 years already, serving both British Columbia and Alberta since 1982. It has access to hundreds of Canada's leading mortgage lenders, so they will be able find the best mortgage rates at absolutely no cost to you. The thing about Bayfield Mortgage Professionals that sets it apart from many other similar agencies is that it is not affiliated with any one lender, this means that they are able to offer anyone totally unbiased advice, thus allowing one to find the best mortgage interest rate possible. At their website, you're able to easily find a mortgage consultant according to which area you live in, in order to get yourself started.

However, finding a mortgage consultant is not the only thing that you're able to do at their website. Rather, they also provide mortgage calculator and payment calculator, so that you're able to estimate your mortgage payment or the maximum mortgage amount you are qualified for. This makes it all much easier for one to handle mortgages as it's easier to plan your next steps. These calculators will definitely come in handy for anyone who is unsure of how much a mortgage payment is going to cost or how much they are allowed to mortgage.

Being knowledgeable in this area is not something that all of us are capable of, considering how complex mortgages can get at times. However, with the help of mortgage brokers from Bayfield Mortgage Professionals, hopefully you'll be able to complete your next mortgage without much hiccups or problems along the way.


Advertise Your eBay Listings and Stores

You have the most unique item to sell on eBay, and you have done the research, set the best starting price, got your listing a beautiful template and even written a killer listing title, however, at the end of the day, you get zero sale because nobody ever noticed your listings. Does it sound familiar? Yes, it is no doubt a common problem most eBay sellers are facing, even Power Sellers encounter the same problem at times.

Solution? All you need is advertising and BidVertiser has a state-of-art solution for you. BidVertiser is a site-targeted advertising network allowing you to run advertisement of your eBay listings and Stores on other people’s websites. Not only you can choose the sites to place your ad on, you can also target your audience geographically. You are only required to pay when someone clicks on the advertisement and visits your eBay listing or eBay Store at a minimum cost of 5 cents per click.

Advertising drives traffic, traffic boosts sales. To let you experience the power of pay-per-click advertising, BidVertiser is now offering eBay Sellers a free $20 worth of clicks, that’s approximately about 400 visitors. Do you often get 400 visitors to your eBay listings and Stores? Isn’t it already a good deal to try it out? Wait no more, and stop wasting your time hoping for someone to come to your listings while there are millions of auction listings on eBay. Visit BidVertiser today and start receiving new targeted prospects in less than 10 minutes.


Designer Gifts

Ever wanted to give the perfect gift, but either you couldn't decide on one or you were simply too lazy to go pick one up? Well with the advent of online shopping, it has become much easier nowadays to select gifts for friends or family members, and Designer Gifts ( is one such site that hopes to make it a little easier.

Designer Gifts is a new gift store from, a leading online retailer with several other stores. The store sells a wide range of gifts of all types, including birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Father's day gifts etc for men, women, children and babies. They sell practically everything that could act as a gift, from gift baskets, to greeting cards, and even digital picture frames. All of them are extremely cheap gifts that are well worth your money. It being an online store, it's also much easier to browse through the products using the menu instead of wasting hours at a time window shopping, trying to search for the perfect gift. Now you can do so from the comforts of your own home.

However, this is not merely an online store for gifts, rather, Designer Gifts also offers gift ideas for men, as men are usually criticised for being "insensitive" and not knowing how to give a proper gift, so hopefully this site will help give them some idea of what they should get. Of course, such advice is not limited to men only, as at the time of this writing, Designer Gifts is offering Father's Day Gift ideas, helping everyone get the perfect gift for their Dad on Father's day. There's also advice on what to get children or babies even, therefore everyone would be able to find the perfect gift for anyone else with the help of Designer Gifts.

By offering such gifts at such a low cost, and having the entire site focused around gifts, Designer Gifts could really give bigger sites like Amazon a run for their money when it comes to special occasions such as mother's day or even birthdays. With great advice and an easy way to browse through the products, Designer Gifts is definitely a site that everyone should check out when the holiday season approaches, as it will save us all a big headache on what to get for our favorite relative or friend.


Flag of the United States

No matter where we are in the world, we're bound to meet the red, white and blue sooner or later. The flag of the United States of America can really be found all over the place, and next to everyone will recognise it immediately. That's the impact that the star spangled banner flag has on the world, and United States Flag Store ( is selling these flags and flagpoles so that everyone can have one. is the leading online retailer of American flags and flagpole kits. There, you're able to get a variety of US flags - be it an indoor flag, a garden flag or one that's hung on outdoor flagpoles, this site has them all. However, despite the name, they not only sell American flags, but they also stock state, country and military flags, indoor flag pole kits, pins and other patriotic decorations. Thus, you're bound to be able to find something here to show your patriotism, no matter where you're from, since they not only sell US flags.

This is also the largest online vendor of flags and flagpoles, with approximately 50% of the entire online market. They have over 500,000 flags in stock, and ship within 2-3 business days to all US states, US territories and Canada only. It would definitely gain them a bigger market share if they could ship internationally. Their service is obviously also top notch, as they even have customer service available. Their products are also of top quality, as they are from top manufacturers including Valley Forge and Eder, two of the largest US makers of flags. is really anybody's one stop shop for everything to do with flags, or patriotic items. You can even consider selling the flags on eBay, try negotiating with them if they could offer a wholesale deal. Looking for a flag? is the site for you!


Debt Consolidation

Being in debt is never a good feeling, it's pressurising to have money on your mind almost all the time. One usually can't wait for the day that he or she is finally out of debt, sites like Destroy Debt will hopefully help that day come faster.

Destroy Debt basically tries to help you do 2 things - Get out of debt and stay out of debt. It offers a wide range of advice on various topics to help you understand how to do those 2 things. For example it offers tips on debt consolidation loan, debt counseling and also helps to explain what bankruptcy is all about. Such valuable information is definitely hard to find on the net, at least now you know where to find it.

Furthermore, there is also a debt forum on the site, which is basically a place where you can talk all about debts. From any general questions you might have, to even stories about your debt and of course how to avoid debt. There are a wide range of topics that people are discussing about in this area, which will definitely help anyone who wants to talk about how to destroy your debt.

All in all, Destroy Debt is an extremely valuable site, offering important information for people who are in debt, and also providing a place where everyone can both receive and give help regarding debts. Hopefully, with the help of this site, more people will be able to get out of debt and lead a more carefree and easier life, instead of having to constantly think about his or her own finances.


Shopping Cart Software

Online shopping is really becoming much more popular nowadays as more and more people realise how much more easier and convenient it is. However, seldom do shoppers realise how complicated it is to set up an online shopping site and get everything working, but it's times like these when Ashop Commerce step in to make it so much easier.

Basically, Ashop Commerce is a leading provider of hosted shopping cart software that offers a complete solution for merchants to sell online. It allows anyone to set up a virtual shopping cart that allows shoppers to easily organise and pay for purchases and it's where everything he or she would like to buy is temporarily stored in before being checked out. It is relatively easy to install this shopping cart software and one requires absolutely zero programming skills to be able to install this shopping cart software. The entire set up of this ecommerce software takes only roughly 10 minutes, after which shoppers can start making use of this software.

Ashop Commerce software offers a 10 day trial, after which merchants are required to pay for this service which starts at just US$69 per month. This ecommerce shopping cart software is definitely well worth the money, as there are countless benefits to it, such as the fact that your business can be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you will be able to track purchases and use data to improve your offering and most importantly you can reach a much wider audience as you will be able to be contacted by people worldwide, giving you the ability to increase sales. These benefits do indeed justify the price, no doubt about that.

All in all, Ashop Commerce is definitely one of the better ecommerce shopping cart softwares which offers easy-to-use features at affordable prices that allow any internet savvy business person to run their own online store, since the only experience actually needed is to have browsed the web!


Digital Frames

Technology is really taking over many parts of our lives. In the past we had Walkmans, now they got iPods. We had radios now we have Hi-Fi sets. Now, even the traditional photo frames are getting an upgrade and have now gone digital, and the folks over at are offering them for sale.

Digital frames are a new and innovative way of displaying pictures that makes it much easier and convenient. It's basically shaped like a regular rectangular photo frame, but in place of the photo itself is a high resolution LCD screen that is able to display pictures. It's real easy to get your own photos on it however, just 3 steps:
1) Take the photos.
2) Transfer them to a memory card.
3) Insert it into your digital photo frame and enjoy your favourite slideshow using a remote control.

It's just that simple. Not only are these frames able to display photos, but you can play music in the background or even watch movies, all without the need for a computer.

This makes it much easier to show off a slideshow of pictures taken on a holiday or your son's graduation video to friends and families, instead of going through the entire process of booting up a computer and then having to search for the specific file. Digital photo frames are also much more flexible than your traditional photo frames as it can display a whole variety of pictures and present them in the form of a slideshow, instead of just staring at a single unchanging photo.

This digital picture frame is no doubt a new concept and it will take time for people to get used to them, as some people might still prefer the traditional frames. However, once people realise how much more versatile their digital counterparts are, we'll begin to see them in almost every home.

You may consider selling this unique item on eBay.