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Enhance listings, control inventory, handle customers, deliver post-sales activities etc. Just so many things one has to deal with when it comes to selling on eBay. Having said so, Acclivity released a powerful auction management software called MarketBlast (, designed to help eBay PowerSellers sell more, spend less and save time.

MarketBlast is a relatively new eBay auction management software and no matter what you sell on eBay, MarketBlast helps you do it faster and easier. Of course there are many other similar eBay auction management softwares out there, but MarketBlast trumps a lot of them because of one major feature - MarketBlast is aimed exclusively at Power Sellers who post from 100 sales a week up to 100 listings a day or more on eBay — and those who aspire to grow their eBay business to these numbers. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that low volume sellers can’t use it. Everyone should consider this amazing software if you’re serious about selling on eBay.

MarketBlast allows users to set general preferences in the control panel with eight primary groups, namely Inventory, Listings, Transactions, Contacts, Consignments, Questions, Feedback and Disputes. They are easily accessible from the control panel or independent windows. The great thing about MarketBlast is that images in Marketblast may be tagged or watermarked to protect the images from being pirated.

From inventory management to consignment, customer relationship management to business analysis, MarketBlast is packed with everything you need to succeed. With its recent PayPal integration for payment processing and Endicia for postage, MarketBlast is definitely a useful eBay tool that you should check out if you want to simplify the selling process.

Download a free trial today, get a rundown of all MarketBlast features, compare them to what you're currently using to sell on eBay and find out more about what MarketBlast can do for you!