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Viewtracker - 2nd Generation Auction Tracking

Webmasters place counter on their website to track and analyse traffic allowing them to plan for a series of marketing campaigns. What if you can place a counter too on your eBay auction listings? Are you looking for a tracking software for your auction listings? Sellathon has one for you. Top eBay sellers have used Sellathon for years to hone their auctions. Sellathon is a developer of auction tracking and analysis software that enables eBay sellers to track visitor’s behavior.

The innovative Sellathon’s ViewTracker 3.0 allows you to place a counter on your auctions and tells you, in real-time, exactly where your bidders are coming from and how they’re finding your auctions. Besides, you will also be able to learn what keywords your visitors searched for, what category they browsed, if they’re watching your auction, how much time they spend on your auction etc. If you wish to see more in depth statistics, Sellathon’s ViewTracker is able to give you the traffic data for individual listings and pages.

With the 2nd generation auction counter, you can easily generate sales and traffic reports helping you analyse your data and make informed business decisions. Driving visitors to your auctions is not easy but knowing your visitors wins you half of the battle. So go to Sellathon and get a 30 day free trial.