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eBay To Go

eBay has launched its first widget called “eBay To Go” allowing to promote eBay listings on blogs, social networks and websites. Meaning that, you can add a neat little auction listing to your website.

eBay To Go widget is especially useful for eBay sellers who also have their own blogs. With just a few clicks, sellers can have their auction listings directly advertised on their own blogs. Simple yet cost-free. The widget itself is attractive and informative as you mouse over certain areas it reveals more information about the item, and you can even conduct an eBay search query using the built-in search tool. Best of all, you also have an option to list up to 10 items if you think 1 item is not enough to spotlight your listing.

Inputting eBay To Go widget is incredibly simple as it requires only four easy steps, and you can easily copy-and-paste the code snippets from eBay to your websites or blogs after customizing the widget.

This widget may be a disappointment to webmasters who strive for affiliate earnings as it is not enabled with affiliate revenue links yet at this point in its very early stage. I think webmasters who do not sell on eBay might not consider eBay To Go as an alternative to AuctionAds. Nonetheless, it’s still a very useful tool for eBay sellers as a value-added marketing tool. You should consider getting one on your blog or website today.