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Compare Credit Card Offers on CreditorWeb

The ubiquitous credit card is becoming bigger part of our daily lives. As a matter of fact, we are inundated with credit offers everywhere we turn, thus, looking for a credit card that best suits your needs is getting more complex. Furthermore, who has the time to check out and compare the credit offers? Not only we need to find a right card that suits our needs, we also need a right card that matches our spending and borrowing patterns.

CreditorWeb has the best solution for you. CreditorWeb has sorted through mountains of credit card information to find the best cards out there. They check out the credit cards available, compare the offers and provide you with the professional ratings and in-depth reviews. So, how do you use the comparison tool provided by CreditorWeb? Simply select a category, and it will show you the comparison and reviews for all the credit cards under that category. For example, if you’re looking for a business credit card, by selecting “Business” category, it shows you all the business cards available on the market. Alternatively, you may choose to browse it by card issuer. For example, by selecting “Advanta”, it shows you the comparison, reviews and ratings for all Advanta credit cards.

Start comparing credit card offers today on CreditorWeb to find a credit card that suits you best.



Looking for more products to sell on eBay but don’t know where to get the supply? You can count on Masterseek. Masterseek is an useful search engine that provides quick and FREE access to international business directories and even import/export companies worldwide.

Currently, there are more than 44 million international companies and businesses in the database, more will be added soon. You can easily locate a wholesaler or supplier by entering a product name or company name. It’s time to look for cheaper wholesale products so that you can make more profit selling on eBay. Masterseek is one of the FREE eBay tools that you should stick to, thus, start searching on Masterseek.


Get paid to blog with Bloggerwave

Get paid for blogging is getting hotter these days, and it’s become so much easier. Again, I discovered a new get-paid-to-blog programme, called Bloggerwave. Like many other get-paid-to-blog programmes, Bloggerwave pays bloggers to write original and unique reviews on websites, products, services and companies.

I’ve signed up and submitted my blog to Bloggerwave, and it's got approved within a day. Their user interface is so much interactive and outstanding, with many features that you don’t get to see on other similar programmes. Although Bloggerwave is just starting out, it definitely has huge potential to grow as big as PayPayPost and ReviewMe. So, don’t wait till it’s too late, grab this golden opportunity and start blogging for money with Bloggerwave besides selling on eBay, not bad for a side income.



I made few hundred bucks recently selling on eBay, and am thinking of buying a gift for my mom as Mother’s day is just around the corner. Since the money is lying on my Paypal account, I then look around to find an online merchant that accepts Paypal payment. It’s not easy to locate one though. However, I managed to find an online retail store, AM ONLINE SHOPPING, that sells genuine and authentic watches. I’m a watch lover, and getting a watch as a gift for my mom isn’t a bad idea too.

AM ONLINE SHOPPING, based in Adelaide of South Australia, sells Nixon Watches, Casio Watches including G-Shock and Baby-G, Seiko Watches, Timex Watches and more brands. All prices listed are in Australian Dollar. Best of all, AM ONLINE SHOPPING accepts both Paypal and credit card payments. AM ONLINE SHOPPING makes purchasing online a breeze, by just a few clicks and a Paypal payment, it saves me a lot of time and unnecessary costs.

Besides watches, more products will be added soon, for eg designer sunglasses. The next time you hunt for a gift, consider Nixon Watches from AM ONLINE SHOPPING.


Get paid to blog with Smorty

Do you like to get paid for blogging? I recently found a new get-paid-to-blog programme, Smorty. It works just like Blogsvertise, Payperpost, ReviewMe and other similar programmes. What struck me the most is Smorty is the only one of its kind offering weekly payment to Bloggers, no more waiting for weeks.

There are two ways of getting offers from Smorty. First of all, Smorty will send you an email notification when there’s a campaign offer available and suitable for your blog. Besides waiting for offers, you are also able to view open opportunities in the user interface. Having said so, Smorty has a clean and easy-to-use user interface. Not only that, it also has a feature that allows you to see how many more units of an advertiser’s campaign are available. You don’t see this unique and useful feature on other similar programmes, do you?

Smorty also has its own blogger ranking system like many others, and the higher Smorty ranking you stand, the more campaign offers and higher priced campaigns you are going to receive.

After registering and making a post myself, I think I just love what makes Smorty different from the rest. Overall, Smorty is one of the best newly emerging get-paid-to-blog programmes that you should join too. Blog for money with Smorty today.


Twenga, UK Shopping Search Engine

I recently came across a wonderful online shopping search engine, called Twenga. I’m particularly impressed with the clean layout and eye-catching design of the website, as well as what they have to offer. I think I should recommend it to all of you especially those who like to hunt for best deals online.

Twenga, a next-generation online shopping search engine, provide a user-friendly and easy-to-use system making shopping online a breeze. Not only it allows you to search for the products that you’re after, it also lets you compare the different prices and offers from available merchants. Besides, you are also able to view the consumer and expert reviews on the products before purchasing to help you make the right purchasing decision. The beauty of Twenga doesn’t just stop here, it also provides price alerts. With this unique service, you get an email notification from Twenga when the prices drop, so that you can easily monitor and grab your favorite products.

Unlike other online shopping search engine, you can search a product either by name or brand, or you can just browse through the categories on Twenga. There are many categories that you can choose from, namely, Computers, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Audio & Video and a lot more.

Frankly speaking, I’ve used other online shopping search engines before, but they aren’t as good as Twenga. You should go check out Twenga today, registering on Twenga is fast, secure and free.



Sick and tired of the same auction listing template over and over again? Looking for a professional-looking template for your next auction listing? Check out SpoonFeeder. SpoonFeeder's templates help you create a listing that will stand out from the pack, it comes with 50 predefined templates if you don't want to create your own. SpoonFeeder uses a tabbed interface that helps you select the appropriate category for your item, create a compelling description and add images to your listings makes them stand apart from similar items. SpoonFeeder is offering an unlimited image hosting service (included in the Basic version), you can easily save up to $1.75 per listing compared to using eBay's image service. Besides, you can also schedule when your listings will be posted to eBay. This can be particularly useful when you have a large quantity of identical items to list. Being able to list them over time helps avoid flooding eBay with a multitude of items.

SpoonFeeder works well with eBay auctions, eBay fixed-price auctions, eBay Stores, and eBay Motors. It has recently integrated the following added-on features:
1. Tracks auction status from start through fulfillment.
2. Automatically sends e-mail invoice and winning bidder notification within seconds of auction close.
3. Can automatically add shipping charges to invoice for both single item and dutch auctions.
4. Sends payment received notices, and notices of shipping by e-mail with a single click.
5. Provides a feedback database for easy selection.
6. Will automatically reciprocate on positive feedback, if desired.
7. Automatically Sends late payment notices by e-mail.
8. Automatically files Non-Paying Bidder Alerts.
9. Automatically files Final Value Credit Requests to recover fees for incomplete auctions.

SpoonFeeder is one of the most wanted eBay tools on the market, it boasts a wide array of features that will help you create listings that will sell your auction items. Click here to grab a fully functional 30 day trial and discover the power of SpoonFeeder, the number one auction listing and management Software for selling on the internet.


Research your competition

In my previous post "Research before you list" I emphasize why it is imperative to research before setting a start price, applying sales strategies and listing your items. However, carrying out a research ain't an easy task, you need a good research tool to simplify the whole process, and it will be perfect if the tool doesn't cost much to you.

eSellerStreet has an affordable and easy-to-use pay per search tool for you. They offer 90 days of market research, using official eBay market data in all categories except eBay Motors and Real Estate. You will get information packed reports covering statistics in several different areas and features a full analysis on items and sellers. You can view sales by brand, keywords, category, day of the week and more. Below is the sample of a research report generated by eSellerStreet service:

Research should pay for itself with at least a 10x return on research cost. So how much does it cost? 35 cents! Yes, it's a mere $0.35 flat fee for each research report, with no monthly service fees nor hidden charges. Furthermore, if you sign up for the service now, you will get 10 free credits that can be used for sales reports on your own listings as well as other eBay sellers and products.

Knowing competitors' sales and product market prices are the key to earning profits, thus, visit eSellerStreet to get your free reports today.