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Personalise Your eBay Listings with SitePal

Are you tired of finding ways to bring more attractions to your eBay listings? Are you planning to make your eBay listings more personalised? Thanks to SitePal, eBay auctions have now become more interactive. SitePal offers an innovative way of integrating a talking character into your auction listings on eBay. Just follow the 3 simple steps to publish the animated speaking character of your choice and you can create a better eBay auctioning experience.

Sometimes, it’s nice to see a face and hear a voice when shopping online, considering there are millions of auction listings on eBay. It definitely makes bidders feel more confident in the purchase. Jesse Gonzales, a Platinum Power Seller, strongly recommends it to every eBay seller as it incredibly increased his sales by more than 700%.

Recording your sales pitch on SitePal is a breeze, you can record it by phone, by mircrophone, text to speech or even upload an audio file after designing the appearance of your animated sales agent. To experience the power of the speaking character, SitePal now offers a 15-day free trial, head over to SitePal today to test drive it today. It's time to personalise your eBay listings, fellow sellers.