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Not too long ago, I suggested you promote your eBay listings on here. For those of you who have not seen that post or have not heard of this site, RSVPBUY describes itself as "a syndicated International Social Publication" that will allow you to "share your upcoming events, online auctions" in order to "discover a new audience". Thus, allowing you to advertise basically anything from an eBay auction to a local event you might be holding. RSVPBUY allows you to get the word out about such things.

New to auction marketing or still trying to get it to work for you? You should then try the free service offered by It's really quite simple to get the word out about your eBay listing on One is able to set it as a "private" or "public" auction so as to allow or disallow the public from viewing the particular auction. Also, just enter the date of your auction or event, be it a wedding, the starting up of a business and thus the need for a partner, your band doing a concert in the area.... Absolutely anything at all, the list just goes on forever. There's no limit as to the type of auction or event you would want to advertise, as long as it is family friendly. While the last post on this same site was done just a few weeks ago, I'm glad to say that it has recently introduced several updates that will undoubtedly make it a more attractive site to use.

For example, one of the latest and major upgrades they made was the ability to add video comments. In the past, anyone could comment on any of the events, but only with text. Now, at the comments page, one is able to add an embed video comment code from either YouTube, MySpaceTV, Flurl or LiveVideo. This makes for all the more interesting content on the website even if it's just the comments. It considerably makes RSVPBUY a much more interactive and impeccable website.

All in all, is still a relatively new site, but with an extremely unique feature: it gives you the ability to get the word out about your latest and greatest event. For anyone out there who wants to attract more attention about their eBay auction or website, RSVPBUY would be an extremely useful site for them as well. If you want to promote your eBay auction listing, head on over to, get the feel of the website and start sharing your auctions today.

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