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I signed up for PPP!

You may have noticed that I’ve been writing sponsored posts during the past few weeks. Yes, I signed up for PayPerPost. Before signing up for PayPerPost, I used to spend a lot of time and effort on Blogsvertise, Sponsored Reviews and many other similar blog advertising programs. I wasn’t really keen on PayPerPost ‘cause I thought it’s hard to get my blog approved on this top-notch advertising community. I was wrong. When I found out a housewife from my country, Malaysia, was one of the top earners earning 4 figures a month from PayPerPost, I was stunned. If she could do it, why not me?! I quickly signed up for PayPerPost without further hesitation and added this blog for approval. Within 2 business days, I managed to get the approval to write sponsored reviews or posts offered by PayPerPost.

PayPerPost emphasizes on blog ethics and being honest to our readers is what PayPerPost always encourages. Therefore, a disclosure is always required when you post a review. In other words, you are free to write or say whatever you want according to your genuine thoughts, PayPerPost has no restrictions on how you should say about an advertiser’s product or service. Whereas, other similar programs require you to give only positive reviews about an advertiser’s product or service.

After a month of blogging for PayPerPost, I just got to tell you that I love PayPerPost. The user interface of PayPerPost is neat, clean, user friendly and colorful! Unlike other similar programs, PayPerPost has the largest advertiser base, meaning that you don’t need to wait ages to get a writing offer. However, as writing for PayPerPost is getting competitive, thus you are required to complete a post within an hour after taking the opportunity. I used to spend days to complete posting for other get-paid-to-blog programs, but now I can complete it in an hour. This not only makes me feel competent, it also helps to improve my writing speed.

I wasn’t really active enough in the first month as my schedule was terribly tied up, but still I managed to rake in about USD84 for only 7 posts done in the first month. I have wasted too much time, I should have started earlier. I will continue to support PayPerPost and contribute my best. About the USD84 that I earned, I already received the payment from PayPerPost, and I happily spent it on a pair of designer sunglasses. Yay!