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50 Cent's Chrome Lamborghini sold on eBay

A custom-chrome 2005 Lamborghini Murcielago was recently sold on eBay for $310,000. What?! $310,000 for a used Lamborghini Murcielago?! Yes, for the same price the buyer could have gotten a brand new 2007 Murcielago, but not all eBay buyers are bargain hunters, some of them just hunt for big name items.

This luxury convertible sports car is rumored to be owned by rapper 50 Cent. In the listing description here, it reads "This Murcielago has had one celebrity owner, it has been the subject of numerous magazine articles and has been on television on several occasions." Although we wouldn't know if the Murcielago was belong to 50 Cent, the same car was spotted as he was pulled over in New York. There are pictures of 50 Cent and his Murchielago in circulation too. Anyway, he must have gotten himself a new ride, good for him too.

Buying big name items seems to be of a lifestyle statement nowdays. So if you're looking for new eBay sources, selling celebrities' trash ain't a bad idea. Let's go search their trash bins. "Paparazzi, it's my turn, gimme that trash bin." *giggling*