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Protect Your Writing

Take it from a blogger, it's not always easy to come up with things to write, and even when you do it's even harder to turn out a quality post or article. This is also true for many other people, be it teachers or even students in schools, everyone will have to write an article once in a while. Thus, when so much effort is put into it, one would rather not see it being passed off as another person's work. Such plagiarism is rampant today, especially with the internet making it all the much easier for others to copy your work. However, thanks to sites such as, such a crime can be prevented.

iPlagiarismCheck is a site which will check all forms of media, be it online or offline to ensure that plagiarism doesn't occur. Its user base of more than 2 million people are able to submit their documents and let iPlagiarismCheck take it from there. The site will ensure that your work is not copied by others through a few patented approaches, for example they check websites such as blogs, directories, caches, etc. Also, they check all forms of publications, be they hard or soft, as their software is able to check books, articles and even journals. Thus, they are obviously extremely meticulous in the way they go through other pieces of work to ensure that your article is protected. They go so far as to check for sentence structures and even paraphrasing to ensure that even subtle attempts at plagiarism will not escape. The patented algorithm iPlagiarismCheck uses is obviously extremely impressive.

Furthermore, the prices at which the site sells its services for is extremely affordable. They have kept in mind that many of their users would most probably be students, thus the starter package goes for only $5 which allows you to submit one document. The student package is only $20 and will allow the user to submit up to five documents, this would obviously be the perfect package for students. There is also the $35 advanced package and the $65 Super-Saver package which allows unlimited submissions for one whole year. Thus, no matter if you're an occasional writer or an avid one who loves to write everyday, iPlagiarismCheck will have the price point that suits you the best.

All in all, plagiarism is an extremely serious crime whereby culprits will face serious consequences such as heavy fines or even jail-time. However, with technology advancing at such a rapid rate, it's becoming increasingly easy for anyone to commit this crime. Hopefully, with sites such as iPlagiarismCheck, more people will be deterred from copying other's work.

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  1. guiding.GOD said,

    I had a chance to use this service when submitting my college paperm and found it contained a lot of instances of Plagiarism, although un-intentional, still, their service really helped me out and I recommend it to everyone!

    Well done!

    on 3:09 AM