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Flag of the United States

No matter where we are in the world, we're bound to meet the red, white and blue sooner or later. The flag of the United States of America can really be found all over the place, and next to everyone will recognise it immediately. That's the impact that the star spangled banner flag has on the world, and United States Flag Store ( is selling these flags and flagpoles so that everyone can have one. is the leading online retailer of American flags and flagpole kits. There, you're able to get a variety of US flags - be it an indoor flag, a garden flag or one that's hung on outdoor flagpoles, this site has them all. However, despite the name, they not only sell American flags, but they also stock state, country and military flags, indoor flag pole kits, pins and other patriotic decorations. Thus, you're bound to be able to find something here to show your patriotism, no matter where you're from, since they not only sell US flags.

This is also the largest online vendor of flags and flagpoles, with approximately 50% of the entire online market. They have over 500,000 flags in stock, and ship within 2-3 business days to all US states, US territories and Canada only. It would definitely gain them a bigger market share if they could ship internationally. Their service is obviously also top notch, as they even have customer service available. Their products are also of top quality, as they are from top manufacturers including Valley Forge and Eder, two of the largest US makers of flags. is really anybody's one stop shop for everything to do with flags, or patriotic items. You can even consider selling the flags on eBay, try negotiating with them if they could offer a wholesale deal. Looking for a flag? is the site for you!


  1. Wombat said,

    If selling imported flags makes you a leader in that business, then they are your site! I personally would never buy an imported flag in America. It's unpatriotic.

    on 12:04 PM