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Digital Frames

Technology is really taking over many parts of our lives. In the past we had Walkmans, now they got iPods. We had radios now we have Hi-Fi sets. Now, even the traditional photo frames are getting an upgrade and have now gone digital, and the folks over at are offering them for sale.

Digital frames are a new and innovative way of displaying pictures that makes it much easier and convenient. It's basically shaped like a regular rectangular photo frame, but in place of the photo itself is a high resolution LCD screen that is able to display pictures. It's real easy to get your own photos on it however, just 3 steps:
1) Take the photos.
2) Transfer them to a memory card.
3) Insert it into your digital photo frame and enjoy your favourite slideshow using a remote control.

It's just that simple. Not only are these frames able to display photos, but you can play music in the background or even watch movies, all without the need for a computer.

This makes it much easier to show off a slideshow of pictures taken on a holiday or your son's graduation video to friends and families, instead of going through the entire process of booting up a computer and then having to search for the specific file. Digital photo frames are also much more flexible than your traditional photo frames as it can display a whole variety of pictures and present them in the form of a slideshow, instead of just staring at a single unchanging photo.

This digital picture frame is no doubt a new concept and it will take time for people to get used to them, as some people might still prefer the traditional frames. However, once people realise how much more versatile their digital counterparts are, we'll begin to see them in almost every home.

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