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Sick and tired of the same auction listing template over and over again? Looking for a professional-looking template for your next auction listing? Check out SpoonFeeder. SpoonFeeder's templates help you create a listing that will stand out from the pack, it comes with 50 predefined templates if you don't want to create your own. SpoonFeeder uses a tabbed interface that helps you select the appropriate category for your item, create a compelling description and add images to your listings makes them stand apart from similar items. SpoonFeeder is offering an unlimited image hosting service (included in the Basic version), you can easily save up to $1.75 per listing compared to using eBay's image service. Besides, you can also schedule when your listings will be posted to eBay. This can be particularly useful when you have a large quantity of identical items to list. Being able to list them over time helps avoid flooding eBay with a multitude of items.

SpoonFeeder works well with eBay auctions, eBay fixed-price auctions, eBay Stores, and eBay Motors. It has recently integrated the following added-on features:
1. Tracks auction status from start through fulfillment.
2. Automatically sends e-mail invoice and winning bidder notification within seconds of auction close.
3. Can automatically add shipping charges to invoice for both single item and dutch auctions.
4. Sends payment received notices, and notices of shipping by e-mail with a single click.
5. Provides a feedback database for easy selection.
6. Will automatically reciprocate on positive feedback, if desired.
7. Automatically Sends late payment notices by e-mail.
8. Automatically files Non-Paying Bidder Alerts.
9. Automatically files Final Value Credit Requests to recover fees for incomplete auctions.

SpoonFeeder is one of the most wanted eBay tools on the market, it boasts a wide array of features that will help you create listings that will sell your auction items. Click here to grab a fully functional 30 day trial and discover the power of SpoonFeeder, the number one auction listing and management Software for selling on the internet.