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Research your competition

In my previous post "Research before you list" I emphasize why it is imperative to research before setting a start price, applying sales strategies and listing your items. However, carrying out a research ain't an easy task, you need a good research tool to simplify the whole process, and it will be perfect if the tool doesn't cost much to you.

eSellerStreet has an affordable and easy-to-use pay per search tool for you. They offer 90 days of market research, using official eBay market data in all categories except eBay Motors and Real Estate. You will get information packed reports covering statistics in several different areas and features a full analysis on items and sellers. You can view sales by brand, keywords, category, day of the week and more. Below is the sample of a research report generated by eSellerStreet service:

Research should pay for itself with at least a 10x return on research cost. So how much does it cost? 35 cents! Yes, it's a mere $0.35 flat fee for each research report, with no monthly service fees nor hidden charges. Furthermore, if you sign up for the service now, you will get 10 free credits that can be used for sales reports on your own listings as well as other eBay sellers and products.

Knowing competitors' sales and product market prices are the key to earning profits, thus, visit eSellerStreet to get your free reports today.


  1. Thoughtful article! It's much appreciated.

    Thanks, Michelle

    on 5:32 AM