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Free eBay fee calculator

In order to make a real profit on eBay, you will need to know the costs of your auction listings, especially the listing fees. Budgeting or simply calculating your eBay fees ain’t an easy task, because there are so many fees involved, namely “category fee”, “gallery fee”, “final value fee” etc, and sometimes you might forget the fees incurred. Therefore, to help you better calculate your potential eBay fees, I recommend you three FREE eBay fee calculators.

Sellathon’s eBay fee calculator
I like this one personally, simply because it’s easy to understand and more user friendly. You’re only required to key in the Starting Price, Reserve Price and Approximate Final Value, and tick the extra features that you’re planning to use and click “Calculate Fees”, there you go, you get the total eBay fees right away.

eB Calc’s eBay and Paypal fee calculator
Although I’m satisfied with Sellathon’s, sometimes I need to know the Paypal fee that’s going to be incurred too. eB Calc’s is simply a masterpiece. Not only you will get to know the eBay fees, you can calculate Paypal fees and it even shows you the net profit of a successful listing. Besides that, this fantastic calculator has been developed for International eBay sellers too.

eCal’s eBay fee calculator
I only use this one when I’m not able to access to eB Calc’s, you might need it for backup purposes. It can be used for International eBay fee calculation too.


  1. Hi,
    You may also like to have a look at the eBay fee calculator that I have just had built. It uses flash and updates in real time as you enter your item details. It covers - - &

    It will also work out your PayPal fees too. Have a look and let me know what you think. It would be good to hear your comments on it.

    Michael Sherriff
    The Auction Help Desk

    on 9:46 AM

  2. Bruce said,

    PayPal Fee Calculator that will do multiple line items and calculate the Paypal fees at once. Simple and adjustable by margin, gross profit dollars and to your payment level. Simple yet complicated.

    on 11:37 AM