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Get paid to blog

Forget about eBay for a moment. "Getting paid to blog" is the recent trend in the blogging world. If you like blogging/writing, why not get paid for doing so? I love getting paid to write.

The service is called Blogsvertise. Sign-up is particularly simple. Just fill out the form and submit your blogs for review and approval. Once approved, your blogs will be placed in the queue, and Blogsvertise will email you the tasks to write about in your blogs. You can write anything about the advertiser however you want, even complain. You won't be penalised.

How do you get paid? Paypal definitely. I believe you have been enjoying the great Paypal features and you know it well. Payments are made only after 30 days you accomplished your assigned tasks.

The current payout rate is ranging from $5 to $10 per post. Not bad for an additional side income, besides eBaying.

What are you waiting for? Stop writing and blogging for nothing, let's do it for money. Cheers!