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Clean and clear listing details

People always asked me to recommend a good payment gateway to accept online payments. Besides Paypal, 2CheckOut and StormPay have been doing a great job to secure certain percentage of the market share. Not forgetting the newly emerged Google Checkout. We all know they are good, that's why I'm not going to recommend any good payment processor today.

However, I'm going to NOT recommend a new payment gateway that I've recently come across. The name is AdvantageProcessors. When you enter the site, everything looks just fine, but when you wanna find out more information about the products and services they are providing, you get peanuts. Let me just rephrase this, before you purchase a product/service from a company, you definitely find out who they are, where they are and how to contact them. There’s NO company name, NO address and NO contact number. AdvantageProcessors is so not convincing that makes me doubt their trustworthiness.

The only way to get in touch with them is by submitting the contact form, hey, they can’t even afford to hire a customer service personnel? And we are talking about business here, of course we need to be serious.

Therefore, stick to your current payment processors. Why turn to a payment processor like AdvantageProcessors? I love Paypal and 2CheckOut.

So what have we learnt today? The moral of the story is, provide as much details as possible in the auction descriptions. Among the vital are the item, payment and shippping details. The clearer, simpler and easier to locate the listing information, the less likely you are to confuse, disappoint and send off the bidders. If your listings make bidders think twice, you already lose half of the battle.