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Your Guide to Web Hosting

Planning to find a web hosting plan for your blog but just can’t decide the best deal out of the thousands? There are too many web host companies offering almost the same webhosting plans? If this has troubled you, it troubles everyone else too, but has the solution for you.

By consolidating hundreds of web hosting companies in one place, promises to deliver you the best search-and-compare portal for you to compare web hosting plans of your choice. When you enter the site, you will see a quick web host search box from where you can start searching and comparing the recommended web host plans by simply keying in your basic requirements like Monthly Cost, Setup Fee, Diskspace and Bandwidth. For example, I did a test search to find the best deal that charged a maximum of $9.00 per month with zero setup fee, it returned with 675 results of the relevant web hosting plans, and recommended HostGator among all of them. Of course, there’s also an advanced search option available if you want to compare some other features.

Besides allowing you to compare webhosting plans, also provides a learning center that offers some essential guides to web hosting, I found the Dedicated Server guide very useful and informative especially when I’m planning to get a dedicated server soon.

There aren’t many easy-to-use websites like, it is undeniably one of the best searchable web hosting directories that offers free guides and tips to finding the most suitable web host. The next time you wanna find an answer to web hosting, let the folks over at help you out.


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