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Include a free gift for your customers

One of the smartest auction strategies to draw new customers or maintain the return customers is giving away free gifts. Consider including a free gift with every successful sales, not only it gains you the clientele, it also helps boost up the loyalty of your existing customers.

The free gift doesn’t have to be a high value item, but if you’re a little tight on budget, consider using promotional items like pen, key chain, calendar etc. When choosing promotional items, try choosing something relevant to the item you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling books, a bookmarker will be sweet.

You may consider attaching promotional gifts in the following circumstances:
1. Every successful transaction to show appreciation to your customers.
2. Every return customer.
3. Multiple purchases done by any buyer.
4. When your customers are not happy with the bought item/service.
5. When a customer refer you to a friend or family.

Of course there are many other situations when you can include a free gift too, just remember to follow this good business practice at every opportunity.