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eBay fee hikes again

eBay is raising the fees again. That's the first bad news of year 2007. eBay's President, Bill Cobb, announced the fees hike on January 03, 2007.

The new fee structure will go into effect on January 30, 2007 and the fee adjustments are as follows:
1) a five-cent increase in Insertion Fee to forty cents
2) Final Value Fee for the $25.01 to $1,000.00 level will be increased to 3.25% from 3%

On the other hand, eBay Motors is also seeing fee hikes. The Transaction Service Fee (TSF) for motorcycles and powersports will increase from $30 to $40, and from $40 to $50 for cars, trucks and trailers. The Motors Reserve Fee (MRF) will also increase to 0.1% of the reserve price ($5 minimum, $10 maximum) from a flat $5 charge.

Sellers are definitely going to switch over to other alternatives (some are already doing so), if eBay continues to raise the fees. Let's wait and see how eBay is going to retain its market share.


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