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Hammertap Deep Analysis 2 is an invaluable research tool for eBay sellers. By sorting through the multitudes of auctions, the program identifies top-selling items up for bid in your particular niche of the eBay market. Deep Analysis allows you to drill down and narrow your search to find the most successful brand or product feature within a category of merchandise - information that will help you effectively evaluate your products' sales potential.

This software can also uncover auction trends that will yield higher sell-through rates in your own auctions. For instance, use the data available on
Deep Analysis 2 to discover which day of the week is best your end your auction listing, assess whether or not you should use a reserve, choose starting prices that attract more bids, and much more.

In addition,
Deep Analysis has an "Auction" tab on its search results page that enables you to investigate successful auctions via a variety of factors, including their popularity, starting price, total sales, number of bids, seller's reputation, reserve sell-through rate or category. It is a great way to learn exactly what determines an auction's success.

If you are looking for an eBay market research tool,
Hammertap Deep Analysis is definitely the one that you cannot miss. Now that the Hammertap3 is released, it is undoubtedly an unbeatable eBay research tool on the market.


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