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Terapeak, licensed by eBay through the auction site’s data licensing program, is one of the best eBay research tools on the market.

The Victoria, British Columbia based company provides pricing, keywords, category and many more types of research data on the eBay marketplace. The research statistics and marketing data are generated from Terapeak's "smart seach" data-mining tool which accesses data from closed eBay auctions in most of the major product categories.

Terapeak helps eBay sellers sell more effectively by giving them the information they need to accurately understand and predict the performance of their eBay listings. It also helps determine the best time to list products.

If you are looking for answers to the following questions, Terapeak is the tool that you need to succeed in eBay sellings.

  • How is my competition performing?
  • What is the real value of my goods?
  • When should I list my items?
  • Which is the best category to sell?
  • What was the highest price this item sold for?
  • What is the most frequent end price?
  • Is Bold or Highlight worth it?
  • What do top sellers use?
  • Does Buy It Now truly help?
  • Should I list Bid or Fixed price?
  • Which day of the week the buyers shop?
  • What are my competitors secret? etc

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